Zax Snax is a coconut snack that is a healthy & delicious alternative to boring grocery snacks.




We know how frustrating it can be…

We grew up eating very healthy, but very boring foods.

This drove Zach to create our original flavor.

We understand the struggle of shopping to find a balance between healthy and delicious when it comes to snacks. 

With over a decade and thousands of happy and healthy customers, we are still on a mission to spread the tasty word of Zax Snax.

Step 1

Check us out and pick your favorite flavor!

Step 2

Come to our market booth

Step 3

Enjoy Zax Snax!

Zax Snax is Tasty & Healthy

Dehydrated – retains nutrients, most snacks are baked that removes, diminishes, bakes out nutrients

Coconut – healthy fat, keto-friendly!

Portability – road-trip, no need for refrigeration, 3 servings in one pack, resealable

Healthy – nuts, seeds & fruit; ALL-natural sweeteners; no HFCS; no refined sugars

Sweet – (Coconut Munch (original, cashews, pumpkin seeds, maple syrup, sea salt), Monkey Mix (bananas, vanilla, sunflower, pecans), Cinnamon Apple (apples, pecans, raisins, cinnamon), Lemon Berry (cranberries, almonds, lemon essential oil)