With Zax Snax, we offer a healthy & delicious alternative to boring grocery snacks.




We know how frustrating it can be…

We grew up eating very healthy, but very boring foods.

This drove Zach to create our original flavor.

We understand the struggle of shopping to find a balance between healthy and delicious when it comes to snacks. 

With over a decade and thousands of happy and healthy customers, we are still on a mission to spread the tasty word of Zax Snax.

Step 1

Check us out and pick your favorite flavor!

Step 2

Come to our market booth

Step 3

Enjoy Zax Snax!

Zax Snax is Tasty & Healthy

Dehydrated – Dehydration retains nutrients. Most snacks are baked or toasted and the nutrients have been severely diminished. Plus, dehydration promotes an awesome crispy texture!

Coconut – Coconut is a superfood, keto-friendly, and a great source of healthy fat!

Portability – Great for road-trips, no need for refrigeration, resealable!

Healthy – Made with nuts, seeds, and fruits and ALL-natural sweeteners; no HFCS; no refined sugars

Sweet Coconut Munch , Banana Crisp , Cinnamon Apple , Cocoa Coco

Savory Crispy Garlic, Smoky Chipotle

My new favorite snack! Organic coconut, cashews, pumpkin seeds, organic maple syrup, and sea salt. This mix is satisfyingly crunchy, perfectly balanced sweet and salty snack. It's also Keto Friendly!
Ariel L.
AMAZINGGGG. This is SO good l almost regret sharing it because everyone wanted some!! We just got these and 1/2 bags are already gone!! The bags are closable to keep fresh, the coconut oils coat your mouth very nicely with the sweet natural sugar of the maple syrup adding the perfect splash of flavor. This is a new favorite. I enjoy trying new foods through this app so much. Thank you Zax Snax!
Amber K.