I guess my husband and I made the right choice to raise our eight children here in the Lone Star State! With the help of this mighty work crew, we ran a small family organic grocery market for ten years that we called Jubilee Organics.

Our five older boys contributed greatly to this endeavor, gaining skills in order processing, bulk packaging, and customer service. Our market gave us the opportunity to offer high-quality organic food to like-minded individuals in our community.

Like most moms, I loved to see my children enjoy healthy, delicious snacks, but truly nutritious ones were hard to come by, so we would generally make our own.

We consumed large quantities of raw food, so I began experimenting with a dehydrator. I created a healthy nut and seed snack bar that was a huge hit not only in the family but ultimately with our customers!

Intrigued by the contraption, my 12-year-old son, Zach, asked if he could create his own dehydrated recipe. Using ingredients I had on hand, he produced, in one attempt, the most amazing coconut treat that I had ever tasted! To this day, I believe it was Heaven inspired.

He called this simple blend of raw coconut chips, cashews, pumpkin seeds and maple syrup “Coconut Munch.” We loved it, as did our customers who referred to it affectionately as “Zach’s Crack” because they couldn’t seem to get enough! In 2013, I finally took the advice of many fans and started my company, Zax Snax.

Today, our delicious snack mixes still combine the heartiness of nuts, seeds, and fruit with wholesome sweeteners and the pizzazz of therapeutic-grade essential oils. Over and over I have heard that they are the best gluten-free snack around! If you love coconut, they will delight you. If you don’t, they will convert you! Either way, we think you will find Zax Snax…Essentially Delicious!


Camille Harris

Camille Harris is a wife and mother of eight children and the founder and driving force behind the sensational Zax Snax endeavor. Much of her time is spent in preparing for, coordinating and managing her various farmers market and storefront orders.

In her free time, she enjoys taking opportunities to spend quality time with her family and friends, or simply relaxing with a good book and a hot cup o’ Joe.